• Ellie Cooper

10 Free Marketing Options For Your Small Business (2019)

Do you feel overwhelmed with advertising options, prices, and tactics?

As a business, you may not have a big (if any) budget for advertising, so we have created a list of FREE marketing options for you. Of course, they can take time, but they will save you hundreds of dollars and get you sales before you know it.

Check out my recent post on what it's like to actually run a small business. You're not alone. It's tough.

We've compiled a quick list of free marketing options for your small business, organized into three subcategories:

• Your Network

• Your Written Content

• Your Social Media

Your Network

1. Friends + Family

Don't be afraid to tell your network about your business. You never know who may need your services and who may want to buy a product. Sometimes, the most unexpected person in your group of friends can be the person that brings you the best client. Getting your name out there is paramount to any new business, and this is the best place to start.

2. Referrals

If you did a good job for a client, or your client said they really loved your project, ask if you can display that on your website or post it on your story. Client referrals go a long way, and having them displayed prominently for other potential clients to see can mean the difference between a yes and a no.

Your Written Content

3. Blog posts

You don't have to only provide value to your clients through paid services. Drawing traffic to your website by writing blog posts that will benefit your customer base can draw new clients to your business and help you build your personal brand.

4. Shoutouts

Don’t be afraid to reach out to websites or blogs with similar clients. If you can provide them with a post, they are usually more than happy to post it on their site with credit to you. Don’t forget to link your site in your post! This doesn’t only help with getting your name out there, it also helps with SEO due to back-links. (Post to come about the benefits of back links!)

5. Include references

As spoken about above, back-links prove to be super useful for SEO. Linking your own articles in your new content also helps with this! It lets the reader know that you have multiple areas of content that can help them, and keeps them on your site longer. You can also link external content to make the read more informative and reliable, as well as create a community of like minded people, who may, after time, link you back!

For example, you can figure out if your idea is profitable here: ;)

Your Social Media

6. Instagram Page

There are so many articles to read about the algorithms of Instagram. There are so many because they are constantly changing. What Instagram is trying to do with it’s algorithms, is make sure that it is GOOD CONTENT that is reaching you, and not a bot who likes everyone’s posts and pages.

So, how do you beat the algorithm? Post good content. Relevant content, with actual value. Look at the pages that you follow and actually enjoy, why do you enjoy them? What would you like to see? What do you think is valuable and aligns with your personal brand?

Post that.

7. Facebook Page

Similarly, with Facebook, you are rewarded when you are actually useful to people. Post content that your potential client base wants to see! Share other pages that are relevant and insightful.

Watch your following grow.

8. Instagram Direct Messenger

Instagram is, after all, social media. This means it was created to be social. DM people! Thank them for following you, start a connection, and be interested in what they are posting about. They may not be a potential client, but they may teach you something important, and you may teach them!

Don’t be afraid to use voice memo’s as well, this has an added personal touch.

9. Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are underrated. Before starting a business, I thought they were nonsense. Full of automations and bots. Actually, if you join the correct ones, you are able to find a whole group of active potential clients that are willing and able to learn from you! Most groups don’t want you to spam their page, but if you provide actual genuine help to those asking questions, you will be surprised at how many people reach out to you to pay for your services.

You are building a community of people that trust and respect your opinion – while also benefiting from a group of people that are eager to answer your questions, should you need help.

Believe me, you will.

10. Other Social Media

Instagram and Facebook are a must, but there are many other social media services that can help your page just as much. The more you have out there, the more common your name will become, and the further your reach is. You can try Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, or whatever else is relevant to your company.

Don’t forget to keep all of your social media accounts connected!

Share your Instagram posts on your Facebook, your Facebook on your LinkedIn, and your LinkedIn on your Twitter.

If you are still reading - that's awesome! I know you will succeed if you follow the steps mentioned. Send me an email with the outcome of your free marketing, I would love to connect with you!


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