• Ellie Cooper

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Key Dates

Here is an outline of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (better known as Furlough) Key Dates:

10th July - Employees who have not yet registered for furlough must have registered by this date in order to be eligible.

1st July - Employees who were previously furloughed, can come back to work on a part-time basis

1st August - Employers must contribute to employees pension and NI.

1st September - Employers must contribute 10% (of the 80%) and pay pension and NI contributions.

1st October - Employers must contribute 20% (of the 80%) and pay pension and NI contributions.

31st October - The furlough scheme was supposed to end. Now employers can bring previously furloughed staff back on a part-time basis, and are only asked to pay for the employer NI and employer pension.

31st December - New end date for the furlough scheme.

1st January - Job support scheme starts

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