• Ellie Cooper

What Running A Small Business Is Actually Like..

Instagram is flooded with images of entrepreneurs sipping mango lassi on the beach talking about their 4-hour work week and all of the houses they bought around the world with their passive income.

My brother and I have a running joke.

Every time one of us wakes up one minute earlier than the other, runs 1km further, or chooses a healthier meal, we will say "and THAT, is why I run a multi-million dollar business."

It is a joke because it is ridiculous to think that the time we wake up, or the food we eat would directly effect our business growth. In fact, my brother doesn't even own a business. But, it plays on an important trend in the current social media space; there are literally youtube videos, Instagram posts, and Facebook groups that promote this kind of stuff.


Obviously, being healthier has great benefits to your brain, mind, and body. Waking up earlier has been proven to increase productivity, and pushing yourself physically can be directly translated into pushing yourself mentally. However, this isn't going to help you actually run a successful business.

Running a successful business isn't sexy for the most part. It isn't a life-time full of Instagram-able moments, or infinite travel opportunities.

Running a business is hard, hard work. It is hours of planning, predicting, getting rejected, reaching out, getting rejected again, putting your ego on the line, pushing, pulling, creating. It is hours and hours of sitting at your laptop while the sun is shining outside working on building your empire.

Is it worth it?

Hell yes.

Hell yes if you are driven and self-motivated. Hell yes if you really truly believe in what you do. Hell yes if you know that this is the path for you.

Some people are more successful being employees, and that is 100% okay. You can still live an amazing life, you just have to choose the job that suits your values, goals and culture.

Others are more successful being employers. You have to create your amazing life. You create a job that suits your values, goals and culture.

This does not happen overnight. This doesn't even happen in a few months. This takes years of consistency, focus, and hard-work.

Are you ready?

Reach out and let me know what it is that you do and what it is that you are struggling with.

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